Invasive Species Control

Managing invasive species is a major concern in conservation today.  We target invasive weeds, brush, and trees through a comprehensive management strategy that may include use of carefully selected herbicides, mechanical removal, hand pulling, and fit in to a long term ecological management strategy of using natural processes, like fire, to restore balance to the landscape.

Often times, an infestation of invasives is a symptom of a larger problem.  Getting at the root causes, and improving the overall ecological health of the plant and animal community, the water, soil, and how we as human residents on the land fit in. This can begin with a management plan that is tailored to each site specifically.

In some respects, we have a lot of potential to change the landscape.  We approach our work with respect toward the land and the people that are connected to it.  We take a long view toward management, as natural processes are typically measured in years and decades.  But that doesn’t preclude rapid results.  Within a season or two, a site can undergo complete transformation; gradual changes proceed afterwards, but true equilibrium or stasis is not the goal, or even feasibly achieved.

Clearing Overlook at Morton Forest – Dane County Parks