Quercus Crew News

“All plans are subject to change and all changes are subject to a new plan”

Last updated 4/19/18  17:10


Fri 4/20 – Lenz fence removal – Nate, shop 7:30. Logan, Yasi site 8:30.
Patterson – JakeP, JakeM, Jenevieve, Rob. Shop 7:30.

Let me know if you’re not available to burn this weekend
Sat 4/21 – Burn Drape?, Koffel?, Kummer?
Sun 4/22 – Burn Drape?, Koffel?, Kummer?
Mon 4/23 – Burn


Check out the new additions to the Quercus library – two excellent insect guides:
BEES; An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide
Pollinators of Native Plants
TPE is selling these as a fundraiser – purchase info here

Nate off Mon-Tues-Thurs am
JakeM off Mondays
Bruce off 4/18 – 4/23
Brittany off 4/21-22, 5/10-13, 7/6, 7/13
Nate off 4/21, 5/22-30, 7/6, 7/13
Marty gone 4/20-4/30
Logan last day 5/11?
Rick back Apr 30
Rob off 6/15



TPE Empire-Sauk Chapter field trips

Prairie Enthusiasts work party schedule
Volunteer work parties at Patrick Marsh and Westport Drumlin.
State Natural Area work party calendar
May 19 – Wolf Run volunteers will be planting plugs

Without knowing Balance
we will strive to deny external reality
thereby asserting it
or we will strive to assert inner emptiness
thereby denying it.

Lenz fence removal, tree/shrub planting, tree removal
Elleson, Outcrop Savanna clearing, 120 hrs
Jefferson Lubahn Park management plan
Madison Parks bids
Patrick Marsh treeline removal site visit and cost estimate
Walking Iron WA brush?
Rosenthal CRP woody regrowth followup
Rosenthal GM Spring 18, cover all areas
Festge spring GM/brush followup
Morton spring GM/weeds/brush followup
Thomas mow dogwood May and followup, treat rcg, cut brush.
Wright May spray/June seeding
Stenman weeds/brush resprouts/cattails/rcg
Arena brush resprouts June/July – Sparta/Black River
Bradshaw brush resprouts
Hake brush resprouts
Walking Iron Park, brushmow resprouts. Still need site visit and cost estimate.
Drape site prep/seeding
    23A spring drill seeding
4.5A early spring spray, late summer mow, fall drill seeding
54A spring spray, late summer spray, fall drill seeding
Schneider check weed situation
Wolf Run 2 mowings, 
$900 each, one teasel treatment. 7-10 hrs. Assess weeds.
Bass Lake Fen SNA phragmites/rcg, boat access, summer 18
DeHaven survey June
Holzhueter knapweed/sweet clover
Martin seeding fall 18
DNR Wild Rose Trout Habitat?
Bradshaw mow/spray RCG 2018
Holzhueter fall 2018 seeding
Crestwood fuel reduction? 3 people 2 days, fall or winter?

Pay period ends 1/6          Pay day 1/12
Pay period ends 1/20        Pay day 1/26
Pay period ends 2/3          Pay day 2/9
Pay period ends 2/17        Pay day 2/23
Pay period ends 3/3      Pay day 3/9
Pay period ends 3/17      Pay day 3/23
Pay period ends 3/31          Pay day 4/6
Pay period ends 4/14        Pay day 4/20

Quercus office – 767-3553 – – – Jim cell phone – 712-0542


Carpool Contact List
National Weather Service Hourly Graph
Fire Weather Forecast
Fuel moisture:
Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council
Pesticide applicator certification
Ticks and Lyme Disease Factsheet

Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Tutorial
DNR Webview Map Site
Dane County DCIMap site
Wisconsin County Web Mapping Sites
DNR Fire Protection Areas  Statewide map  Iowa County  Dane County
40 New Fuel Models
13 Original Fuel Models