Old Sauk Trails

Quercus restores natural systems through many methods, and one includes clearing areas for proper storm water management. We were able to demonstrate that type of work at Old Sauk Trails Park for the City of Madison. Old Sauk Trails Park was created in 1984 by The Gialama’s Company, a local real estate brokerage, property management and land development company. Old Sauk Trails Park was created with city and country in mind.  The park is located on 460 acres of Wisconsin countryside, contains over 60 buildings and over 200 companies. The green space within the park has walking and jogging trails which is where our efforts were focused. Green spaces like these are an important component to modern work environments, which have been scientifically proven to improve attitudes and efficiency. We hope that the efforts made this Summer will have a lasting positive effect and inspire those experiencing this space to continue to improve and enjoy this important functional and experiential space. 

In 2018, this area was one of the hardest hit by historic storms. Local businesses are still recovering after Dane county experienced state record-breaking rainfall. Flash flooding produced an overwhelming amount of damage to residential and commercial areas. Being about 2 years to the date, we were glad to be a part of clean up and flood limiting efforts for this site. The project involved removing brush and trees to mitigate hindrances to storm water drainage. Felling trees of various sizes and chipping them safely was on the forefront of our goals. Running chainsaws in the middle of summer made for some hot work, but it was rewarding to see the results!