Native Plantings

Every opportunity to bring the ecological integrity of the Midwest back to our landscape is an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way to the natural beauty of the land and wildlife that surrounds us.

Whether following the removal of invasive species, or increasing the diversity of an existing restored area, the rewarding journey of returning native plants to the landscape continues through various planting efforts. 

Replacing vegetation after removing invasive species is a critical step in restoration. In order to prevent invasive species from re-invading an area, native plantings need to fill in the gaps created. 

Plantings can be installed in different sizes ranging from smaller seeds, plugs and saplings to larger containers and ball & burlap trees.

Beginning with larger plants requires a higher initial cost, but results in greater survival rate and time of establishment allowing for successful competition.

Seeding is the most cost effective way to establish native ecosystems across large areas. Following prairie plantings, a schedule of mowing is established in the following seasons to inhibit undesired species.

Woodland plantings typically utilize saplings 1-3 years old encased in protective guards. Rate of survival is very high, resulting in rapid establishment of the future canopy of your wooded area. 

Prairie plantings take several years to establish. This prairie planting is only one year old, patience and maintenance will bring about a diverse display of wildflowers and grasses in the following seasons.

Once established, native plants will greatly improve the quality of habitat and overall diversity on your property. Native plantings are specifically tailored to each site, taking existing vegetation, surrounding context, topography and your individual goals into consideration.

Whether you have a half acre or half section, we can help you design, install and maintain native plantings appropriate for your property. 

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