Recent Projects

Lawn to Prairie: Our 2022 Ecological Landscaping crew had the privilege of converting a lot of unused lawn to prairie for a private land owner. The process consisted of eliminating lawn grass, mulching, setting up an irrigation system, and planting over 1800 native plants! The biggest planting area was under the owner’s beautiful Oak tree. Two other plantings were a rainscape ditch area, and a woodland shade area. The owner has already reported seeing many more butterflies and other pollinators since the planting! It was such a fun project for our landscaping crew, and we all are excited for the progress the plants make!

Under the beautiful Oak
Grid planting under the Oak
Sun rainscape planting
Mulch path to the shaded area
Woodland shade area
Already getting bigger and blooming in first growing season
Cardinal flower showing it’s beautiful red flowers
Rudbeckia hirta and Lobeila cardinalis blooming away
Shade garden growing healthily